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Our plant-based shake all-in-one are not officially certified as a meal replacement by the Canadian government. Nevertheless, consuming an all-in-one protein shake is a great way to boost your plant-based protein intake. A shake can be consumed as an unsweetened snack or as an addition to a drink for a better protein intake.

Our all-in-one shakes are a perfect addition to your daily routine when you don't have time for a full meal, to give you energy for your workouts at the gym, or simply to provide all the nutrients your body needs to maintain good health.

The benefits of marine collagen are multiple for your body. Did you know that collagen is one of the most abundant proteins in the human body? Did you know that over the years, our collagen production decreases? Few people know it, but collagen is a protein that is essential to your body to reduce the signs of premature aging, but also simply to maintain good health.

Collagen is known to moisturize the skin, giving it more elasticity, strength and radiance, while fighting against wrinkles and cellulite. 

Collagen also allows your hair and nails to grow faster, while making them stronger. 

Collagen strengthens your joints, so they can fight rheumatism and chronic joint pain. 

Adding marine collagen to your favorite beverages keeps your body young and healthy!

Commonly called "superfoods", these are fruits, vegetables, plants and seaweeds that form a category of foods that have exceptional properties for health and the body. Known for their antioxidant, energizing, detoxifying, digestive and immune-boosting properties, these superfoods provide many benefits to those who consume them.

Made with organic foods such as spirulina, chlorella, ginger, goji berry, acai berry or baobab fruit, our superfood blends are rich in essential nutrients allowing you to enjoy their many benefits. Just add the powder to the drink you like and you're done.

There are no contraindications to consuming superfoods. Our recipes are designed with superior quality ingredients and carefully selected by our team. All the ingredients in our recipes are natural, certified GMO-free, gluten-free and soy-free. You can enjoy our products with confidence: we offer you the best for your health and well-being.

If you are still not convinced, we suggest that you consult the nutritional values of our products!

Bolea products are designed to complement your meals by increasing your intake of plant protein, collagen or superfoods, among other things. Our products are easy to integrate into any of your eating habits. Our collagens can be added to any hot or cold drink. As for our plant protein powders and superfoods, they can be added to your favorite drinks, smoothies, muffins or energy balls.      

Just add the suggested number of servings and you've just made your smoothie a "supersmoothie".  

Become your own chef and share your recipes with us!


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We know that our products will charm you, that is why opting for a subscription allows you to benefit from the best prices on all our products that you will quickly adopt!

Subscribing allows you to discover the full range of all-in-one shakes, superfoods, as well as our marine collagen products at preferential rates. 

Subscribing is quick and easy: all you need to do is select the different parameters on your profile and place at least two orders. In the event that the subscription is cancelled before the second order, you will be charged the normal price. 

Subscribing allows you to be informed of all our new products, in addition to benefiting from preferential prices.

When you sign up for our subscription, you can define your profile and your preferences for future orders. 

You can define your profile by selecting the frequency of orders (30 days - 45 days - 60 days). You keep control of your orders. From one order to another, you will be able to change the settings.

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You retain full control over your orders. You can change your subscription settings in your customer account so you can choose and order the products you like. 

If you want a creamy vanilla all-in-one shake this month and next month you want to enjoy a chocolate shake, you can! Choose according to your mood!

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